Company Profile

Over the years, Allied Hori has grown
from a small private limited company to
an established name in precision parts manufacturing, providing services to multinationals, at home and abroad.

The secret does not lie merely on our dedication to exceeding benchmarks. Neither it is merely the immense passion we put into our work nor merely the commitment to the highest standards of quality.

It also lies on our uncompromising quest for excellence.

Beginning with an authorized capital of RM10 million and a paid up capital of RM6 million, between 1994 to the current year, the growth and transformation of Allied Hori has been eventful. With the focus on high precision mechanical components, Allied Hori took opportunity of the demand generated and established a leadership position in the industrial segment. Starting out with serving the area of mould fabrication and plastic injection moulding, Allied Hori expanded its global footprint to Europe and Asia.

Realizing the real value is in providing a total solution, Allied Hori expanded its services to include secondary processes such as spray painting, printing, hot stamping and modular assembly, serving some of the biggest brands in the world.

Today, we have much to celebrate and even more to look forward to. As the global economy has become ever increasingly unpredictable, we endeavour to put more effort to enhance our presence. Each day, we look forward to doing better than we did yesterday, and our biggest reward is the smile of satisfaction on our Clients' faces.